Saturday, May 1, 2010


When I created this blog, I posted every day for about four days, and then I've done one post since then in about a week and a half. I guess I got most of my musings out early, and I only want to talk about writing on this blog.

I mean, who wants to hear how I spent ten minutes huddling a poisonous caterpillar onto some paper so I could get it outside and away from me? Wouldn't you rather hear how grimoire is a real word that Word '07 doesn't recognise? No?

Too bad. This here is a writing blog, and you'll love it.

Anyway, so it's May 1st here in sunny South Australia, and I've put my script on hold. I did Script Frenzy in April (google it) and won with 107 pages, which constituted 2 bloated episodes of a TV show. But the script isn't marketable without first having published some of my books, and it is to these books that I turn my attention in May.

I feel good. I feel focussed. More importantly, I read the first chapter of my work in progress (WIP) and it was exactly what it was supposed to be, more or less. Like, it achieved what I wanted it to achieve, even though it could stand to be edited a little.

This is the second book of my saga, and I must say, I love my characters. Perhaps it is their actions that I love, but those actions almost always stem from personality, which means I did something right. I've received criticism for an unrelated book that my characters all sound the same. So that's something I'm on the look-out for with this saga - but one thing I do know is that nobody could say all my characters ARE the same, due to their actions, which stems from their personality. And for that I am thankful.

But still, I need to work on that voice problem...

But my point is, that first chapter of the WIP is good enough to pass my standards, and I could imagine it being in print. I think the whole thing is lovable. It might need a little polishing, but this is still the first draft we're talking about, so it's all good.

So in May I intend to read through this 46,000 word partial draft, which has been on hold since November, so really 6 months now, and get back in the groove and finish it off, which will be about 19,000 more words at the end.

Also in May I intend to finish reviewing a friend's book, giving hopefully useful insights into what works for me and what doesn't. And I also need to polish a short story, and write a slightly longer short from scratch and polish that up. That's for class.

So I should be kept reasonably busy in May, though I'll have a higher output in June methinks, because in June I intend to write the totality of a 65,000 word novel, being the third in the saga.

And once June is over and my trilogy is complete, then I can share those books with internet friends who happen to be writers, get some honest feedback and (Goddess only hopes) praise, and figure out exactly what needs to be done to make them all marketable.

But I'm getting fairly far ahead of myself. After all, it's only May 1st.

I'm hungry.