Monday, April 12, 2010

Script Frenzy and the building of an Empire!

Well, I'm working on building my empire this month. How? you ask. Simple. I'm writing.

April every year is Script Frenzy (google it, I dare you!) - where you have to write 100 pages of script in 30 days. Whether it is a movie, a play, a comic book or, like what I'm doing, a TV show, it has to be 100 pages. It's actually pretty simple. With the formatting I'm meant to use, 50 pages is roughly 7.5 thousand words. So really, 15-20 thousand words in a month isn't much. And there are guides on the Script Frenzy site that tell you how to format the different endeavours.

So, 15 thousand words sounds like a lot, right? In 30 days? That's only 500 words a day! Never mind that NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month or simply NaNo) is 50 thousand words in 30 days!

But enough of me pimping out these internet competitions (really, google them!) ... I'm here to talk about my empire!

Let me preface this by saying that I have written 4 books so far, all in different series or genres. And then there's the 2/3rds of a book that is the sequel to my very first attempt at novel writing. Well, that first novel is still the love of my life. After Script Frenzy is over (and I've done maybe 3 episodes of a TV show) I'll be going back to that sequel and finishing it off. Why finish a sequel when the first book hasn't sold yet?

I'll tell you why.

Because I have plans. Devious, wicked plans of world domination. In those plans, the first step is to have the first trilogy written before I query agents and publishers with the first book. When the first book is accepted, then I'll tell the agent, "Oh, by the way, I have books 2 and 3 already finished... you know, if you want to take a look at them?"

Step 1 of the plan falls into place as my agent reads all 3 books and falls in love with them. She now pimps that entire series to publishers. Step 2 is where the publisher of my choice (with all hope) offers a 3-book contract on that trilogy, and I spend the next couple of years editing them to demand, and writing the next trilogy.

But never mind books 4-6 yet. That trilogy waits for another day. No, what happens next is Step 3: my 3-movie deal with a major Hollywood agency! So, while those movies are being made, I get the next 3-book deal for books 4-6, and I start pimpin out merchandise on a website. That's step 4.

Step 5 is the movie deals for books 4-6. Step 6 is publishing book 7, and step 7 is getting the movie deal. But step 8 is where all my hard work of this month (and countless months in the following years) pays off - the 3-season TV show!

So there you have it. 7 books, 7 movies, a 3-season TV show, and finally my characters are spent. But there's more to it - no, not just merchandise. There's the reality TV show (which I will NOT give details of - it's a secret), which goes for 2 seasons. There's the band that I will write lyrics for, who will get a 3-CD contract with further projects to be decided upon later. There's also the chain of fast food restaurants, designed specifically so that if they flop McDonalds can take the shop over and not have to do any major remodelling, and then there's also 1 theme park on every continent, which will draw money from the local government due to all the tourism that will come their way.

And did I mention the merchandise store, that sells everything from clothing to jewellery to makeup to musical instruments? This chain of stores will be owned by the Hollywood company (giving me royalties of course) or maybe the publisher or maybe the record label or maybe all 3 together, and the money from that will go towards my next big project: living fat and happy.

Well, actually, after I've built that empire I'll be spending my time doing it all over again with a different series. Even if I'm a billionaire, I'll still want to write.

And all this can be mine in around 7 years or so. So yes, this month I'm building my empire. Right now I'm laying the foundations: establishing the setting and themes of the TV show. After April's Script Frenzy is over, I'll be working on my 7 books, which is more foundation laying.

The hard part is going to be keeping a straight face and not having a heart attack when I sign my first million dollar contract.

And if I sound delusional, don't mind me. I'm just a man with a plan. Granted, I need other people to like my writing, so I haven't forgotten that this is a multi-person venture. But there's no telling what rich people will be willing to spend when they think they can make money off of me. The fact that I'm making money right beside them is just good business sense - keep everyone involved happy.

But I've rambled enough. I have a script to write! Be good to yourselves, faithful readers. (And if you're an agent reading this and want to be a part of my empire, please, let me grovel at your feet and submit the first book, whether I've finished the first three in accordance with The Plan or not... really, I'm an excellent groveller. I'm the youngest of three. You learn things.)

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